Monday, February 09, 2009

Right Place, Right Time

Hi, thanks for your wishes of wellness. It seems that cyber-whining is karmically bad mojo as I ended up with not just a little sniffly, drippy cold - but a face-achingly sleep prohibitive whopper of a sinus infection. It's on its way out (knock wood) thanks to a self-imposed dairy product embargo and a neti pot. I will spare you the details of the neti pot, but honestly? It does a better job of knocking out the infection than any prescription ever could. I'll talk you through it if you're ever interested. Gross? Maybe. Definitely. Effective? Definitely. In other news, I have been keeping an eye out for a round coffee table to go with the sectional couch we have. I need something on the small side, as we don't have a lot of space, and last week EUREKA! I found it. I was shopping for slippers (naturally) when I landed in the resale shop that had this little table in its display window. It is totally the wrong color, but it's solid oak, which means we could strip it and re stain it, but will more likely paint it a color that compliments the stuff we already have. So today I am shuffling through my paint chips; a task that gives me great pleasure. What is it about paint chips? The rainbow of colors? The free-ness? I can't walk by a paint chip display without pocketing a few. I'm still pinching myself a little, because I normally don't score deals like this. Or maybe if I am in the right place at the right time, I just can't decide whether or not to buy whatever it is. And then, when I finally do decide I want it *poof* it's gone. The best part about this table was the price. Ninety. Five. Dollars. Never, I tell you, never do I score deals like this. I am patting myself on the back and pinching myself as I write this. By tonight I will be totally black and blue. Other pieces of furniture that need to be painted: My dresser which was built by my grandfather and used by my father in his childhood bedroom. The contents of these two cartons - a china cabinet from IKEA that exactly fits the dimensions of the one corner that will accommodate a free-standing cabinet. Please ignore the crap interesting assortment of apparently unused items on top of the cartons. Yes, I took that picture today, and yes, that is a Christmas decoration that has yet to be put away. I once told another mom that I had just put away the 'Christmas Present Wrapping Station' I had set up in my house. It was March. Her response was "God, I love hearing that." We're mommies. We know.