Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crab vs Yellowjacket or When "Yugi0H*" and "Planet Earth" Converge in the Mind of a 7yo

Ben has been sick lately. A lot. He was sick a week ago, and then again last weekend. He was fine and attended school all week but was sick both weekends. Fine during the week, sick on the weekends - the boy has got it seriously backwards! And we had plans this past weekend. Plans that had been postponed from the previous sick weekend. Plans that involved the pet store and ice cream. Poor guy. I am more than a little concerned, but trying not to be. But I've got an appointment with our Dr.'s office scheduled for this Friday (the earliest they could see him, even after explaining about the double weekend illnesses.) It wouldn't be so worrisome except for the fact that the illnesses include high fevers - both times. Oy. But he's still growing like a weed! One inch in one month. I'll need to buy new pants here pretty dang soon. Do growing spurts sometimes cause high fevers? Must google that one. Anyway, back to the crab and the yellowjacket. Luckily, the fevers and general misery only last about 48 hours, then it's just "waiting 24 hours after the last fever" in order to be able to return to school, which means a day of just Mommy and Ben, and the ensuing boredom of a day at home with nothing to do. So Ben invented this game, which I actually enjoyed playing too. His reading skills have improved to where he now enjoys reading his favorite book all by himself, so while I was busy in the kitchen, he amused us both by imagining the to-the-death battles of various members of the animal kingdom. He would pose the question: "OK, crab v.s. yellowjacket: Who Would Win?" easy "Crab! Of course. The yellowjacket wouldn't be able to sting him through his hard shell." say I "Plus, the crab has those pinchers." Ben remarks, which immediately sends my mind to Mr. Miyagi trying to catch a fly with chopsticks. Some of the other unlikely yet highly entertaining imaginary battles: Butterfly vs Stinkbug (I contend that the stinkbug would win, as the butterfly would likely faint from the smell) Stinkbug vs Locust (ditto) Bear vs Tortoise (here we had to imagine the battle a little too graphically, ala hungry bear finds tortoise on the forest floor - and, well...) Frankly, I'd rather imagine Mr. Miyagi and his flies.


Nowheymama said...

There was a weird virus going around here a few months ago that we all had. We were each sick, got better, and then were sick again 1-2 weeks later. Lots of other people had it too. Maybe it's just making its way across the country?

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