Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Double Dipping

I'll be focusing more of my attention here, now. For those who are used to seeing "theflyingmum" in your comments, be aware that it is I, "funfrieda," now being wowed by your wit and insights.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

long time, no blog

Well hello there, bloggy peeps! Too much has happened around the flying household to possibly cover, but in a nutshell; started volunteering at the public school we enrolled Ben in last January (love-love-LOVED his teacher!), got the bug to re-enter the educational field (re-activated my expired teaching certificate, applied for a part-time teaching job), summer started, swimming lessons, vacation in July/August, retired on July 30th (WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!) Ben's 8th birthday party here on August 15th. (we MADE that E*V*E pinata, and it totally ROCKS!!!!) School starts back up in just over a week, on September 2nd. It never fails to amaze me just how quickly the summer zips by, when initially I am overwhelmed by the idea of 3 months of Ben 24/7. We always manage to fill up the days though there are, of course, the lamentations of "nothing to do" for the first couple-a weeks. Then we get into a groove and before you know it, bye-bye summer. We are deep into demolishing our dilapidated garage. My plan is to have a bonus room over the new garage that I can move all my craft/sewing stuff into. TH thinks he will put a projector TV up there. He is so wrong. You are sooooo wrong Sweetie, if you are reading this. How 'bout I consent to a projector TV in the family room. 'K? And a shop next to the garage for your "tools" and such. I am very busy gardening, looking for a job, making journals and gift tags (more about that for a future post...) so I really doubt you'll see me around the blogosphere much. But I'm not going to delete this blog, so maybe I'll surprise us all by putting up another post or two before years end. Happy last few days of summer!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Now with Bracelets!

Did you ever have one of those days when you thought you'd be in the shower by 8:30 am and out the door by 9:30 am, but instead you sit down and make three bracelets to put in your etsy shop. And then you have to photograph them, and then edit out all the bad photos. Then you decide that a piece of black velvet would make a nice backdrop for the bracelets, but the velvet looks like it has been wadded in a ball for the past 15 years (probably because it has) so then you have to iron the velvet, and take all new pictures, and edit out the bad ones.
Then it's lunch time.
Then it's 1:00 pm. And you finally do get in the shower and are out the door by 1:30 pm.
Ever have days like that?
Anyway, bracelets are going into the shop, probably early next week, as the weekend will be a mad caper involving eggs, sugar, and me cursing while I try to figure out what I'm going to make for brunch at my cousin's house.
Wow, that velvet looks really lint-y.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

...and the winner is...

Misty! This was very fun, but I really wish you all could have won. Not to worry - I feel future giveaways in the air. Misty, please email me your address info and I'll get this in the mail to you asap! Thanks to you all for playing along.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Comments are Closed for the Giveaway

I'll draw the winning name tomorrow morning at 8:00 am PST and post it here. Good Luck! -B

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My First Giveaway!

In honor of the coming vernal equinox and in a rather late - though no less shameless - attempt to promote my stuff, I am hosting my first ever giveaway! The lucky recipient of the goods will get a small (8 3/4" x 5 3/4") journal/sketchbook covered by me in a lovely imported paper of robin's egg blue embroidered in an all-over scroll design with silver thread. I'll also include a four season's sampler of my hand made gift tags (four tags in colors appropriate to each season.) If you're not the journaling / gift tag using sort, I'm also including not one but TWO of the best chocolate bars EVER (!!!) made right here in Washington State by Theo Chocolate. I am partial to the 3400 Phinney line, as much for the adorable packaging as for the outstanding flavors (p.s., you'll get one milk chocolate and one dark chocolate bar - to share, or squirrel away and enjoy in solitude so as to savor.) If that's not enough to make your head spin I don't know what is. Just leave a comment here on my blog and I will randomly select a name from the comments. The way things have been lately, I'd say Sarah has a pretty good chance of cleaning up! I'll announce the winner here on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crab vs Yellowjacket or When "Yugi0H*" and "Planet Earth" Converge in the Mind of a 7yo

Ben has been sick lately. A lot. He was sick a week ago, and then again last weekend. He was fine and attended school all week but was sick both weekends. Fine during the week, sick on the weekends - the boy has got it seriously backwards! And we had plans this past weekend. Plans that had been postponed from the previous sick weekend. Plans that involved the pet store and ice cream. Poor guy. I am more than a little concerned, but trying not to be. But I've got an appointment with our Dr.'s office scheduled for this Friday (the earliest they could see him, even after explaining about the double weekend illnesses.) It wouldn't be so worrisome except for the fact that the illnesses include high fevers - both times. Oy. But he's still growing like a weed! One inch in one month. I'll need to buy new pants here pretty dang soon. Do growing spurts sometimes cause high fevers? Must google that one. Anyway, back to the crab and the yellowjacket. Luckily, the fevers and general misery only last about 48 hours, then it's just "waiting 24 hours after the last fever" in order to be able to return to school, which means a day of just Mommy and Ben, and the ensuing boredom of a day at home with nothing to do. So Ben invented this game, which I actually enjoyed playing too. His reading skills have improved to where he now enjoys reading his favorite book all by himself, so while I was busy in the kitchen, he amused us both by imagining the to-the-death battles of various members of the animal kingdom. He would pose the question: "OK, crab v.s. yellowjacket: Who Would Win?" easy "Crab! Of course. The yellowjacket wouldn't be able to sting him through his hard shell." say I "Plus, the crab has those pinchers." Ben remarks, which immediately sends my mind to Mr. Miyagi trying to catch a fly with chopsticks. Some of the other unlikely yet highly entertaining imaginary battles: Butterfly vs Stinkbug (I contend that the stinkbug would win, as the butterfly would likely faint from the smell) Stinkbug vs Locust (ditto) Bear vs Tortoise (here we had to imagine the battle a little too graphically, ala hungry bear finds tortoise on the forest floor - and, well...) Frankly, I'd rather imagine Mr. Miyagi and his flies.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Aaaack! New Coffee Table Has Become Craft Central!

Which is what happens when you don't have a sewing room or studio. And the natural light that floods this particular corner of the house is wonderful. I'll be adding those journals laying on the table to the Etsy shop - reluctantly, I might add, as I really love that yellow and green paper. The green design is flocked, so it feels like velvet. Very lovely, tactile paper for a journal. The small journals are unlined, so they could be used as a sketchbook. Or a journal. Or both, I suppose. It is also time to start peppers and other long-season warm weather crops. I have not had much luck with peppers for some reason. Tomatoes I can do, so I just don't get the lack of pepper love in the garden. Maybe this will be the year? I've got garlic planted - but I got it in kinda late. My friend Joe gave me some (second-hand) advice for great garlic: Plant on the shortest day of the year, Harvest on the longest day. Well, I only missed it by a few weeks, so my garlic should be ready mid-July. And at the end of July, I will no longer be The Flying Mum. *sniff* I've been thinking about this a lot, and as there are at least two other bloggers using "the flying mum," either in moniker or title form - I feel it's time to start afresh. For the time being, I will stay here, but either the name or location (or maybe both) of this blog will be changing... Gotta go make more stuff! :) -B

Monday, February 09, 2009

Right Place, Right Time

Hi, thanks for your wishes of wellness. It seems that cyber-whining is karmically bad mojo as I ended up with not just a little sniffly, drippy cold - but a face-achingly sleep prohibitive whopper of a sinus infection. It's on its way out (knock wood) thanks to a self-imposed dairy product embargo and a neti pot. I will spare you the details of the neti pot, but honestly? It does a better job of knocking out the infection than any prescription ever could. I'll talk you through it if you're ever interested. Gross? Maybe. Definitely. Effective? Definitely. In other news, I have been keeping an eye out for a round coffee table to go with the sectional couch we have. I need something on the small side, as we don't have a lot of space, and last week EUREKA! I found it. I was shopping for slippers (naturally) when I landed in the resale shop that had this little table in its display window. It is totally the wrong color, but it's solid oak, which means we could strip it and re stain it, but will more likely paint it a color that compliments the stuff we already have. So today I am shuffling through my paint chips; a task that gives me great pleasure. What is it about paint chips? The rainbow of colors? The free-ness? I can't walk by a paint chip display without pocketing a few. I'm still pinching myself a little, because I normally don't score deals like this. Or maybe if I am in the right place at the right time, I just can't decide whether or not to buy whatever it is. And then, when I finally do decide I want it *poof* it's gone. The best part about this table was the price. Ninety. Five. Dollars. Never, I tell you, never do I score deals like this. I am patting myself on the back and pinching myself as I write this. By tonight I will be totally black and blue. Other pieces of furniture that need to be painted: My dresser which was built by my grandfather and used by my father in his childhood bedroom. The contents of these two cartons - a china cabinet from IKEA that exactly fits the dimensions of the one corner that will accommodate a free-standing cabinet. Please ignore the crap interesting assortment of apparently unused items on top of the cartons. Yes, I took that picture today, and yes, that is a Christmas decoration that has yet to be put away. I once told another mom that I had just put away the 'Christmas Present Wrapping Station' I had set up in my house. It was March. Her response was "God, I love hearing that." We're mommies. We know.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Crud

Ben picked it up at school and brought it home to me. You know, "The Crud." The virus that has you running to the other side of the house for tissues with your head tipped back so as not to drip. How my nose can drip anything while it is so plugged up is a mystery that is, frankly, too gross to solve. My ears are also plugged, and I find that I am coughing so unexpectedly that I now feel a little guilty for admonishing Ben to "cover when you cough," as my hands and arms are inevitably otherwise occupied when one bursts from my mouth. And I am cold. I have icicle fingers and Popsicle toes. All I want to do is sit in a hot bath sipping hot tea, or maybe a hot toddy. But I will probably sip some Ther@Flu* daytime because, you know, there are groceries to buy and trees to prune and stuff.