Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kitchen Short Cuts

Are you getting tired of the Halloween post yet? I am. I've been working on a post with a little bit of what's going on around here lately, but until I'm finished, here's some useful information that I thought would be nice to share. Lasagne: Don't cook the noodles before you assemble the casserole, just lay them on there dry. You don't even have to buy those special "no boil" noodles, just remember to pour a layer of sauce into the bottom of the pan before the first layer of noodles. My friend Amy* is still afraid to try this. AMY! JUST DO IT! Snickerdoodles: The recipe I have says to chill the dough for an hour before rolling into balls etc. etc. Do not refrigerate the dough first, proceed immediately to the rolling of dough into balls followed by the rolling of said balls into cinnamon/sugar mixture. Remember, the sooner they go into the oven, the sooner you will get to eat them. The same holds true for... ...Molasses Krinkles: I think the recipe I have must have come off of a package of flour originally, because it calls for this specific flour by name, but instead I used whole wheat pastry flour which gives them a little more body. The recipe also says to chill the dough (don't bother for the same reason as stated above) and to roll into balls, then dip the tops into sugar, place on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with a little water. PFFT! A huge waste of my time, name brand flour company people! Instead, roll the dough into balls as soon as it's mixed, roll the balls into sugar as you do with snickerdoodles, and Wallah! It's cookie time! (in 11 minutes or so) And plenty "krinkled," thank you very much. *wanna see more of Amy and Elaine? check this out!