Monday, June 23, 2008

MORE New Pets?! (Or the Cunning Mind of a 6 1/2 Year Old)

THIS is an excellent book.

It's been Ben's fave for the past three years. Today, while reading "The World of Micro life," Ben stopped to ponder: "Bacteria is an animal, right?"
Me: "Mmm hmmm"
Ben: "Then, if I stop taking care of my teeth, I'll have pets!"

I'll be on vacation off and on for the next three weeks. Not that I've been really regular here, but just to let you know - it's gonna be pretty quiet at The Flying Mum. Wish I knew how to load a chirping crickets sound bite.

So, hope you all are having a lovely summer so far, and I'll be back on the boards in a month or so!