Thursday, April 17, 2008


It's over.

The Auction for Ben's school was last weekend, and I am officially exhausted and now have that achy-might-be-coming-down-with-something feeling. Just in time for work this weekend. Nice.
But we did it! And we managed to make a tidy sum of money for the school. The school exists solely on the tuition payments of 6 full-time students and about 37 part-time preschoolers. I mean: the rent for the building, all of the school supplies, recreational equipment and salaries for 3 staff members - all of it - funded completely by tuition. I honestly don't know how they do it.
The money made at the auction will go to more school supplies and, hopefully, expansion of the "playground" - which currently consists of one of these:

The small chest with the kids' artwork on it turned out ok.

But by the time I finished "doodling" on it, I was sufficiently tired of it.

I didn't really feel like looking at it anymore. Especially up close. So close that I had to remove my glasses from in front of my poor confused eyeballs (am I nearsighted? Am I farsighted? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS ALREADY!)

But somebody else happily paid just under $30.00 for it