Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spring Break Activity

Capillary Action

This is a good one.
Color some water with food coloring - any color is fine, but it should be enough of a contrast to the flower's color to be easily seen. Put your cut (or "hand-picked" :)) flower in a clear vase or jar. Enjoy the show!
It will take at least a day for the color to start showing. Carnations work really well for this (as evidenced by all the green ones worn on lapels on St. Paddy's Day.)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring Break

Remember this? well this year is different, so far.

I mean, I was dreading it, because I remembered that post - and also I think I may have something, uh, hormonal going on. But to my advantage was the memory of last years frustration and the realization that I'd better have plenty of "things to do" for the sake of BOTH of our sanities. So yesterday we spent a couple of hours at the local Children's Museum. I am embarrassed to admit that we had never been before. The only other time I had stepped foot inside their door was to ask for a membership donation for our up-coming auction (which they thankfully obliged us with!) And now that we've been, I will absolutely be bidding on that item!

I have also been blown away by all the awesome activities posted on The Crafty Crow. As have many others. It seems like I can't visit a mommy-blog without seeing a link to this site. All in all, I think it'll turn out to be a pretty o.k. spring break, dontcha think?

Random Things:

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garden things

Eren over at Vintage Chica asked about what kinds of thing inspire us. Too many creative bloggers to mention have definitely inspired me - you guys rock!
Maybe you found something here today that inspired you?