Saturday, November 03, 2007

The LAST Post about Halloween for 2007. I SWEAR.

I did not eat any of the Halloween candy. Um, I did not eat any of the Halloween candy... after Halloween. I sent it to school with Ben to share there. Anyway, it was treat bags comprised of leftover favors and pinata candies from Ben's birthday party last August. Don't worry, it wasn't 3 month old chocolate (that never would have made it this long) rather "L@FfY TAfFy and suckers which I believe to be immortal.

Ben went with the home-made robot costume this year, though he struggled with that and wanting to be Darth Vader again. I made arms for the robot/Space Boy costume (featured here) using spray paint and plastic dryer duct tubing.

In the end, Ben's costume looked like this:

which, sadly, made me think of this:

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Not a Soul

Not one. measly. trick-or-treater.
But we really enjoyed the decorations anyway.
I added waaaaaaay more spiders. Like 220 or so...

I discovered the best way to get them in there is to stand a ways back and then simply fling the spiders into the web. They look more natural and they stick better too. And it is way faster which is A-OK with me, the impatient one.

Note: I am really freaked out by spiders. LIVE spiders. not plastic ones. We have up here a variety of spider known as the "Giant House Spider." They are about as big, and sometimes bigger than the plastic ones I bought. So, yeah, it is a little creepy looking out the windows at those webs full of spiders, but in a good, Halloween spooky way.

The mantle was really fun this year - I like the way it turned out. One word: cheesecloth. My new Halloween decorating material of choice. I didn't know what to do with the pictures on the mantle. they aren't spooky, and I don't have anywhere to put them, so I decided to drape them with sheets. Then I remembered I had a package of cheesecloth. It looks like thick cobwebs. Cheap. Easy. My kind of decoration. And I liked the monochromatic color scheme. Very drab and mournful.

The eyeballs were a package of super balls from T@rgeT. The skull and white tapers are filled with red wax, so they "bleed" as they burn. But they and the bones both burn very quickly and drip copiously. I'll remember to slip a little waxed paper or foil under them next time.
Next time. A whole year away. *sigh*

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Mission: Enquiring Minds...

Todays mission was: YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR! What are the tabloids saying about you today? I had a lot of fun thinking of all the ways I could go with this, but it's also a little sad that Actual Stars really DO get press like this. Which makes me infinitely grateful that I live in relative obscurity. Even so, here is what they would be saying about me today. Or last week. Or the week before that...

But What We Really Want to Know is: Was She Wearing Any Underwear?
Theflyingmum, or "TFM" as she is also sometimes called, was spotted wearing the same gray yoga pants three days in a row while dropping off young Ben at school last week. While it's well known that some stars will repeatedly wear the same pants out in public in an effort to thwart paparazzi - making it appear that all pictures were taken on the same day - the public is, we think, keen enough to realize that Ben could not possibly be dropped off at school three times in one day. We have to ask ourselves; what kind of message is she trying to send here? Is she just hastily pulling on whatever happens to be draped across the foot of the bed? Or worse... the floor?! Are they even clean? Is she clean? Did she bother to take a shower? And what does this behavior say to young Ben? That it's OK to let your appearance slide just because you think no-one will notice? We noticed, TFM. We noticed. At this point, it's doubtful that Ben will ever pen such a tribute as:
"Mama, thanks for being the best role model in the world. I want to be just like you when I'm older!"
Fans have been suspicious of TFM's hastily conceived "outfits" and rumors are circulating that she is behind on the laundry, and that Ben was down to his last pair of clean skivvies this morning. Some circles are speculating that TFM has been going through a bout of mild depression due to her recent birthday. When her husband (TFH) was contacted and asked to confirm this, his only comment was "No comment." One can't help but feel sorry for poor little Ben, growing up in a household with a slovenly mother and taciturn father and, according to Ben, far to little sugar. TFM, we beg you: go shopping, do some laundry, talk to your husband. And for poor little Ben's sake, bake some cookies! The following have posted their Monday Scandal Sheets as well: 1. A shocking speculation from Painted Maypole 2. Get inside the mind of a Rock Legend over at Sober Briquette (it's better to change careers, than to fade away...) 3. See toddlers behaving badly at Suz's Place 4. Your Afternoon Celebrity gossip Report at 1010 Pippert. 5. Kathryn, a celebrity who is serious, rather than scandalous. (congrats on the Oscar... AGAIN.) Got something for me? Shhhh I won't tell. Wait, yes I will - I'll put a link up to your post, just email or let me know via comments!