Thursday, October 04, 2007

Monday Mission: "May I Take Your Order?"

Today's mission was to write a post in the form of a restaurant menu.

The Differing Opinions Deli
Appetizers Well, for STARTERS there's: Skins - loaded with jibes and dripping with sarcasm Lotsayella Sticks Pooh-Poohed Platter Salads and (a)Sides: Garden Variety Disagreement Mixed Greens with Envy Sour Grapes Insalata I-Can't-Take-It-No-More-Eh* Cheese -n- Rice! Entrees Food for Thought The Meat of It All: Blackened (Rib) Eye Duck (& Cover) Mixed Grrrrr-ill Crow Dessert Let's Just Finish This With: Humble Pie, with a generous scoop of "I Scream!" Cake, as long as you don't think you can have it and eat it too. Beverages Whine Milk it for all it's worth So, for those of you with an "appetite" for adventure today, (sorry, couldn't resist) please send a link to your Monday Mission post to me either via email (theflyingmum at comcast dot net) or in comments, and I will link you up here! * a nod to my friends (and relatives: Hi Tracy!) in The Great White North Currently seated at the counter: 1. Painted Maypole with dinner at "Chez Maypole" 2. Aljena with "Cereal: It's What's for Dinner" 3. Jen with "Menu"

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Next Monday's Mission...

I'm putting the topic up now because I'll be flying this weekend and won't have access to a computer until Sunday, and I just wouldn't do that to you all! So for Monday, October 8th, please write your post in the form of a restaurant menu. Bon appetit!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Not for Woosies


are the feet of an athlete!

OK, well, actually these feet have athlete's foot. I have been plagued by athlete's foot since elementary school. I don't remember how old I was, but still pretty young, I guess - maybe 3rd grade? Anyway, I distinctly remember my mother asking the pharmacist at the Rexall Drug Store what he recommended, as the "tough actin' Tinactin" was actin' rather poorly. Remember Rexall's? The one closest to our house was in Fircrest, sandwiched between the Manley's grocery store and a Hallmark store. All three were connected together at the back - you could walk from the Manley's, into the Rexall, then down a few stairs into the Hallmark. Huh, hadn't thought about that in years.

OK, where was I? Pharmacist, right. He recommended a product called Isodine which was a two-part product. The first part was a sticky yellow liquid that you painted onto the affected areas with cotton swabs. Then there was a powder, which I'm pretty sure was clay-based, that you sprinkled all over the sticky yellow stuff, to which it, well, stuck. The instructions on the box said to wear only 100% cotton socks, so we had to find a store that sold 100% cotton socks. In the 70's. We did find them - but they were so attractive that I only wore them to bed, after the full treatment. Oh yeah, I forgot: my feet had to be washed EVERY NIGHT before the "Isodine" was applied.

We did this dutifully, and went through maybe a couple boxes of the stuff, which probably lasted a week or two. Well folks I am here to tell you that I have learned a new way to kill the fungus, and it takes about three days. THREE DAYS! Sometimes only two, if I catch it early enough. A friend passed this method along to me, and I don't know how he came upon it, but I will warn you that as the title suggests, it not for woosies.

Rubbing alcohol.

After exiting the shower or bath, and after towel drying your feet, pour about a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol into your cupped hand, and then massage it into your feet and toes. It will sting like a sonofabitch. You might say a bad word. You might direct that word at me. But it will work, and you can wear whatever socks you like.

Of course you will have to de-fungus your shoes and boots - a little Lysol should do the trick. Isn't that what they use at bowling alleys?

This Post has been brought to you by:
Rexall Drug Stores
and Lysol.

But not that Tinactin, that stuff is crap.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Mission

This week's Monday Mission: "Congratulations! You are a top executive at a breakout new cable TV company. TV Guide wants to publish a sampling of your new fall lineup. For this post, please provide them with a description of some of the new shows."

New from the Public Broadcasting Service and Direct TV - The "Parent's Media Service," supported by families, for families. Some of the highlights this fall on PMS: "Don't Put It In Your Mouth!" A Look at some of the choking hazards for the pre-three set. Each week we will focus on a new small object and give an overview on Heimlich and CPR proceedures. "Peek-a-Boo, ICU" A follow up to "Don't Put It in Your mouth," this show covers the many things that could put someone's eye out. "Little Siouxsie Homemaker" - Learn how to cook like a former rock star. Siouxsie Sioux has traded in her microphone for mashed potatoes! "Are You Kidding Me?!" A reality TV show that takes an "intimate" look into the life of two sets of new parents. This show may be unsuitable for young children. Oh, who are we kidding, nothing ever happens. NOTHING.
Well, there you have it, my lame entry for this week's Monday Mission. Please let me know via comments or email (theflyingmum at comcast dot net) if you put a Monday Mission post up today, as I will be providing a list of links right here, with these women who totally rocked it this week: 1. Mad Hatter with "Lactation Nation" 2. Painted Maypole with "Lactation Station" 3. Aljena with AHTV 4. Jen with Show-y

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Tiger Who Came to Tea, and Other Stories

Oh! How I wish I had a digital video camera. Or even knew how to do that voice recording thingy that you can then post to your blog, because Ben is in his room singing right now. Our local library has a copy of Robert McCloskey's "Blueberries for Sal" that has an audio recording along with it. The recording must have been done in the 70's. It has the story narrated by a man and woman on one side, and the same two folks are on side B singing berry and (ahem) bear-y related songs. Cheezy songs. I guess not really cheezy to a six-year-old, though.

" we go round the blueberry bush, every Monday MOR-NING!"
Books on tape have been a God-send for us. All of our family and most of our friends live over an hour's drive, or a four-plus hour flight away from where we live. Listening to stories in the car, or on the plane helps Ben pass the time. And he LOVES being read to, so it is even more convenient for us, as someone else is doing the reading (snicker, snicker.) But I kinda like the books on tape too. Mem Fox's voice in Possum Magic totally blisses me out, for some reason. And we love that the "Mog, the Forgetful Cat" tapes have additional dialogue written by (the author) Judith Kerr, and that all of the family members' voices are done by different people. Some of the other books on tape we enjoy are: "Witch, Goblin and Ghost" by Sue Alexander, read by Barbara Feldman. Yes, Agent 99 from "Get Smart!" Cool, huh?! "Little Bear" by Else Holmelund Minarik, read by Sigourney Weaver "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" also by Judith Kerr the "Mr Putter and Tabby" series of books by Cynthia Rylant I really wanted to provide links for the tapes, but some of them are no longer available. However, I did find this on YouTube...

The Tiger Who Came to Tea