Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What do you do with a drunken retiring sailor?

My husband the sailor, aka "The Floating Husband," (thank you, Alpha DogMa) has 90 days of leave to "burn" before retiring from the US Navy in late September of this year. His leave started on June 10th, and so far, he only has to go in to work for one week (next week) and a couple of days next month. So, with the exception of a few days away here and there on my part, we are all home this summer. All of us. Together. All the time.

This is actually not as bad as I thought it would be. If any of you read my post about Ben's Spring Break, you may recall that having Ben home for one whole week nearly drove me around the bend. But Ben was less than enthusiastic about school towards the end of the year, and embraced Summer Break with wide open arms. There are, of course, the "I'm bored..." moments, but for the most part, he's pretty darn happy.

And, much to my surprise, I am too. I'm not going to lie to you - I was a little worried about having TFH home all the time. I've heard enough women tell me about what it's like when their husbands retire... "all he does is follow me around the house..." or "...he checks the bank account every. single. day." I think the difference here is that TFH is much, much younger - not yet 40 (cradle robber - I hear you...) and since our place is 4 1/2 acres of "fixer-upper" or "knocker-downer" depending on our moods, there is no shortage of things to do around here.

Unless you are Ben. Then, apparently, there's NOTHING to do. Especially if you are being told not to tease the cat.

Ben recently remembered that he has another pet. Yes, folks! A Tater update! Tater seems to be pretty happy in his big jar, and we, OK, I have enjoyed watching all kinds of other critters mill around in there. I even released a black house fly and a crane fly to the out-of-doors that apparently hatched right there in the jar. Most likely this was brought on by the warmer temperatures once the jar was brought into the house. Tater has even made his presence known to us by occasionally tunnelling against the glass, usually on the side of the jar that sits against the wall.

And in a very cool coincidence, we checked a book out of the library yesterday called "First Grade, Here I Come!" (by Nancy Carlson) and the boy in it has a pet worm! Even cooler is the fact that Ben himself picked that book out.

Ben will be ready for grade one come September. His spelling skills are improving, he is enjoying practicing, and his name-writing has even improved. He is maturing at an alarming rate, at least it seems so to TFH and me. But even the dentist said that Ben seems mature for his age. Probably comes from having to live with us two old fogeys.

I am really surprised at how fast this summer is going by. No lie, I was worried that I'd be pulling my hair out with my two guys here at home all the time. But I've said it before, my ability to go away while at MY job gives me a renewed perspective about just how darn lucky I am.