Friday, May 25, 2007

10:00 pm

It's 10:00 pm. We are home from a loooong day of shopping and visiting. My "Boys" are asleep. I'm enjoying some of my favorite craft blogs, and Luna and Larry's Coconut Bliss chocolate cacao crunch. Suh-Weeeet! Tomorrow we are going to the Folklife Festival in Seattle. I have been, I think, 5 times in years past. Seattle has a lot of festivals, but this is my favorite. It is held at the Seattle World's Fair Grounds (where the Space Needle is. For a vintage view of this location rent the Elvis movie "World's Fair.") My brother is going with us. I imagine it gets a little boring hanging out with Mom and Dad every weekend. Plus the music, food, and vendors at the festival are always fabulous. The last time I went was two years ago. Mr. TFM was away at sea, and Ben was still little enough to fit in his stroller. This year he'll be hoofin' it, this should be... interesting? I'm anxious to stroll through the vedor booths this year. You can find really unique items: hand-made brooms, imported beads, lovely original artwork. And we have promised Ben a trip to the Science Center afterwards. We'll be pooped again tomorrow night! I'll try to remember to take the digital camera along and post some photo's.

Get Up Offa That Thing!

formerly titled Mission Accomplished!
I changed the title because every time I saw it I heard George W. in my head and, well, I don't really think I need to say any more about that. Now when I look at the title, I hear James Brown: Yeow! Truly inspiring.

I have had this project in mind for like, two or three years. I bought a couple of lovely shantung silk pillow slips and intended to embellish them.

I got the idea from a picture in a magazine (though I don't remember which one) and thought, hey, I could do that. I have had the pillow slips, inserts and supplies sitting on my work table for several weeks now, and I finally got tired of having no room to do anything else. So yesterday, I did it. I started a project and I didn't stop until it was finished!

They also look good here,

In other news, my appointment with the dentist for my permanent crown was yesterday. I am sad to say, that no royalty was bestowed on me. The porcelain shattered on the final "bite and grind." The only silver lining is that it happened there, in the dentist's chair, rather than at home, while biting into my turkey burger last night.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday Mission: Meeting Minutes of the PCA

Meeting Minutes for Parent/Child Association Monday, May 21 Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meeting Minutes for bi-weekly meeting of the PCA as recorded by PCA Secretary, theflyingmum. PCA Officers: Chairperson - theflyingmum (present) Co-Chair - Mr. theflyingmum (absent due to work related responsibilities) Secretary - theflyingmum (present) Treasurer - theflyingmum (present) Representative Constituent from the "Child" Faction - Ben (present) 1. Call to Order: Constituent attempted to call the meeting to order a full hour early. Attempt was overruled by the presiding officer. The officer put the constituent back to bed and convinced him to stay there until the officer was ready to call the meeting to order, despite tears, whining and yawning on the part of the constituent. The officer then went back to bed herself. 2. Minutes: Minutes of the previous meeting were read by the secretary. 3. Committee Reports: Co-Chair, not in attendance, left report on the weekend progress of the grocery committee and recycle/waste management committee. Funds for purchases made by the grocery committee were previously approved by the treasurer. The Chair was pleased to note that all items on the grocery list had been purchased, though she took exception to the purchase of inferior toilet tissue. The Chair was also impressed with the weekend progress of the recycle/waste management committee, noting the space now afforded for navigating the laundry room. 4. New Business: The Chair got busy with the new business of "What To Make For Lunch." Since the representative constituent from the "Child" faction had (as expected) fallen back asleep, the Chair took it upon herself to choose. A nut-butter & jelly sandwich was prepared, and accompaniments of celery sticks, apple sauce and juice were placed into the constituents lunch bag. A napkin and spoon were provided and a strawberry snack bar was added as a treat. Next order of new business: "What To Make for Breakfast." Again, the chair took it upon herself to choose. Cereal, milk, half of a pear (sliced) and vitamins were prepared and set on the table. Next order of new business: "Getting the Constituent Out of Bed." After a little grumbling, the constituent was coaxed out of bed by the promise of sliced pears. The constituent also requested toast, which was provided, and consumed while the Chair hovered in the background, reminding the constituent of the impending need to address the next 2 orders of new business: "Getting Dressed" and "Getting to the Bus Stop on Time." The constituent made a concerted effort to make progress on both orders of new business and was ready to head out the door when he remembered another order of new business: "Brushing Teeth." This accomplished, the final order of new business, "Waiting for the Bus" was executed. Once the constituent was seated on the bus, the Chair waved goodbye and returned home. 5. Old Business: The Chair, upon arriving home, made note of all the old business still waiting to be accomplished and decided to make an effort to complete the following orders of old business: "Laundry," "Unloading/Loading the Dishwasher," and "Unpacking/Repacking the Suitcase." The Chair made a motion to table other orders of old business. The motion was seconded by the secretary, a vote was taken by all members in attendance and the motion passed. 6. Announcements: Date and time for next meeting were set for Thursday. All members in attendance agreed that perhaps it would be better to get the constituent up 30 minutes earlier, thereby facilitating a smoother execution of new business. 7. Adjournment: The Chair retreated to the bathtub, where she tried to come up with ideas for a creative writing assignment titled "Monday Mission: Meeting Minutes."

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Mission: Meeting Minutes

Meeting has been postponed until Tuesday, May 22nd due to inability of member(s) to access internet in flight.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tips for Trips

Sara recently told me that she'd be stepping onto an airplane for the first time, and asked if I had any advice as she's more that a little nervous. I am always happy to oblige this request, as over the years I have figured out how to make the most of my commuting time. I spend anywhere from 4 1/2 to 6 hours sitting on planes "commuting" to and from work the way that some of you may sit on commuter rail trains. God I hope you don't have to sit on one for 4 1/2 - 6 hours! It is not the best time. Many of you may already know about the restrictions applied to liquids on the airplane; basically, you are allowed to bring one 1 qt. zip-loc baggie in which you must put any container containing liquids/pastes/gels that you want to bring on board with you. The containers may not exceed 3 oz (no partially used tubes of normal sized toothpaste...) and the baggie must not be overfull - you have to be able to close it. The baggie must be removed from your carry-on bag and placed in a bin along with your shoes and outer jacket at the security check point, the place where many people experience the most anxiety on their trips. If you think this may be you, then I urge you to watch this video before you leave - it'll allow you to chuckle (I hope) while your bags are being cleared. Any large containers of liquids/pastes/gels you feel like you MUST have should go into a suitcase and should be "checked" (they will go in the airplane's cargo hold with all of the checked luggage) at the curb outside your airline, or the inside ticket counter upon checking in for your flight - before you head to your departure gate. Anyhoo, Sara's flight is going to be about 2 1/2 hours, I think, and while I have things I bring in order to make my trips bearable, or even productive, I've tried to pare the list down to some essentials that can help pass the time. One Book, one magazine. I have learned that any more than this is really overambitious on my part, and adds a lot of unnecessary weight. Water. My first year of flying I had a bad ear infection and my ears "blocked" on a flight. The Dr. I went to told me that the air on a plane is drier than the Sarahara desert and that in order to stay properly hydrated, one should drink one 8 oz. glass of water for each hour of flying time. I don't recommend drinking the "tap" water on an airplane. Buy a bottle after you clear security (any liquids bought after clearing the security check point may be taken on board with you) or request a glass of bottled water during the in-flight beverage service. A small neck pillow, or something you can roll up to prop your head up for a nap. I don't know about you, but to me airplanes=nap time. MP3 player, or other portable listening device. Helps with the sleeping. I also have a Palm Pilot with a few games, or if you like crossword puzzles that's another way to keep your mind occupied if you don't want to or can't sleep. Food. Short flights=no food. Hope that helps, if I think of anything else, I'll update!