Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I wanted to publish this yesterday and say "Happy May Day!" but it got late and I got tired, blah, blah blah...
It's cool and rainy here, but signs of spring are everywhere

I've been flying a LOT lately. I'm tired. I'm wiped. But we flight attendants have unique and interesting ways to deal with long-haul flying fatigue, like Crew Juice (if I could figure out how to make that appear as if in flashy lights, I would.) A fellow co-worker has agreed to let me post this recipe as long as I didn't attribute any names to it. So thanks "S." for the recipe - I've had a bit of crew juice over the years, but this is definitely my fave!

S's Crew Juice:
2 bottles of champagne
3 cups of orange juice
3 - 4 oz amaretto
3 - 4 oz cognac or brandy
12 oz cran-apple juice

This might be a lovely thing to make for Mother's Day (US observation, May 13th, only 11 days away. I'm not sure when Canadian Mother's day is. Is it in the spring too?)
Warning, two glasses of this had me concentrating very hard on the words coming out of my mouth.

*****added Thursday, May 3rd: It occurred to me that I may need to clarify, lest you have concern for your personal safety: Crew Juice is only consumed during leisure hours, never while on duty.*****

Sarah, and Sara, I haven't forgotten you - I'll get to work on your questions this weekend. I'm taking the laptop with me to training! Woohoo!