Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Maybe it was - just a little bit - the pretty cleaning supplies, but I think it was more likely the dust bunnies that swirled in little eddies whenever I opened the living room drapes that really made me want to clean. The pretty gloves and sponge did make me feel snazzy, but I am so sensitive to dust that I also had a bandana tied around my face which made me look like a snazzy bandit.
The only thing that matters, though, is that I finally got that sewing table put back to rights.
Music, yes, music is a MUST. Yesterday it was KING FM, the local classical music station, although my favorite cleaning music of all time is Rei Momo by David Byrne. Just try not to dance while you're vacuuming to that one.

Now, hopefully this room will look completely different in a few months. When my husband bought this place 14 years ago it was stuck in the early 70's: all dark bi-level shag covering the floors (even in the bathroom, eeewwwww!) and "wood" panelling on the walls. With the low ceilings, I felt like I was living in a cave. In August of 2005, while my husband was away at sea I seized the opportunity to bring the living room into the new millennium (without telling him...) and the end result had such an uplifting effect that we are now both motivated to get to work on the rest of the house. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Domestic Still - Life with Question

Will these make me want to clean?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Real Moms...


"Real moms" keep the sad demise of their child's first pet to themselves.
Alas poor Tater #1: we, er, didn't really know you very well, but I guess that's the way you wanted it.

In happier news:

I bought an 18 count carton of eggs, thinking we'd each decorate 6.
(yes, we all enjoy dying eggs)
But one of the white eggs I bought specifically for Easter egg dying was broken.
(we eat organic eggs, which seem to only come in BROWN?)
So I tried the pace egg method on one of the brown eggs and I actually really like the results!
I used oregano, parsley and strawberry leaves this year and they left excellent relief patterns. Parsley is a definite winner.

Ben had a great time dying his eggs - dipping them in the dye for a fraction of a second before yanking it back out "DONE! NEXT..." 6 eggs in record time. I showed him how to write his name in crayon on the egg shell, and then dye over it, and he was duly impressed with the results

In the afternoon we headed over to my folks' where 35 of us cosied up for supper. It was the first time in literally years that my brother had seen a couple of our cousins who now live in the area. One has 3 children, but my brother hadn't seen her since she herself was a little girl.

Ben was so jacked up on sugar that I wasn't prepared to enjoy myself AT ALL, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I got caught up with my cousins (who I see far too rarely, despite the fact that we only live a little over an hour away) and my nephews, nieces, sisters and brother. All in all, a happy Easter.