Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'll Bite...

I've decided to bite on Sage's open invitation to participate in the songs meme - that is 7 songs that I have been enjoying lately. I will warn you that some of these are old and obscure. But most of them are new(ish) and fun! 1.I am a Big Total Girl, so I'm a little surprised that some young hottie like Paolo Nutini knows how magical New Shoes can be, but he's pretty much nailed it. 2. Sly by The Cat Empire 3. A couple weeks ago my husband and I went to a concert in Seattle featuring Guy Clark, Joe Ely, John Hiatt, and Lyle Lovett. I know, unbelievable, right? Anyway, it was just these four guys and their guitars. Period. No back up vocalists, no band, no set list, and supposedly no rehearsal. They do this every year. It was different from any concert I've ever been to, but pretty cool. I had heard of Lyle, John and Joe, (this makes six times seeing Lyle Lovett for me) but never heard of or from Guy Clark. He played Magdalene from his "Workbench Songs" release, and we both decided that we need to know more about Guy Clark. 4. I don't usually go for lyrics that seem too contrived, like "I was made for you" but Brandi Carlile makes it work in her new release The Story. Plus she's a local girl from Seattle. 5. Boys Want Sex in the Morning by Uncle Bonsai. Do you really need to ask? I couldn't find an adequate clip by Uncle Bonsai, the link is to a recording of this song by Three Weird Sisters (who I've never heard of before) - I think they do it justice, but no one can do it like U.B. 6. Zebra by the John Butler Trio. This is one of those songs that I will just never grow tired of. Ever. I Loooooove this song. Nuff said. (click the "John Butler Trio Videos" link - Zebra should launch) 7. Beau Soir by the Goff's. This is a gratuitous plug for my best friends in the whole wide world. Elaine, Amy, and their mom, Peg, recorded a cd of lullabies while I was pregnant with Ben. About two months after his birth they presented me with the finished product. Every night since we have read stories while it plays at bed time. The stories are usually over by the time the Brahm's Lullaby comes on, then it's lights out and snuggles. 97% of the time Ben is snoring by the time Beau Soir plays. It's not one of the tracks currently available to preview, but you can listen to Babs Streisand do a bit of it here. Also, don't try to buy a cd from their web site. I stayed with Elaine for a couple of nights last week and she confessed to me that she doesn't check the site, EVER. If you like what you hear and are interested in purchasing a cd, let me know and I will put you in touch. So, that's that. I don't even know seven bloggers to pass this along to, but if they want to, I'd ask the No Whey, Mama, Sara and Swistle to play. ***edited: I'm adding videos for New Shoes and Sly (a live Letterman performance because I think the music video is kinda dumb)***

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


God help Ben when he's older. I've heard some mom's joke about their worries of children who never seem to want to give up nursing - you know, the "I'll be carying a teenager around in this sling.." type jokes? But what about the poor kid whose mother never wants to let him out of her sight? Ok, I probably won't go to the prom (unless I can finagle a chaperone position), but Boy Scout camping trips? Nope, I'll be there. I can only imagine, but pretty well, the joy, gratitude and relief that this boy's mother (and father) felt about an hour ago.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Too Pooped to Post

I just got back from a crappy 5 days of work / commuting involving ice storms, cancellations, and lengthy delays. OH! The Glamour!