Thursday, February 15, 2007

Everyone Knows it's Windy

I hate the wind. The wind sucks, no wait, the wind blows! Yes, it totally blows.

Last fall and this winter we have had severe wind storms here. School was even cancelled on accout of wind. I have never, ever, in my whole entire life had a "wind day." "Snow Days," yes, but wind days? Come ON. But it was bad - really, really capital! Last month a corner flap of our laundry room roofing blew up and we had rain cascading down the walls, through the seam in the ceiling and all around the exterior door. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that the wind has also been accompanied by monsoon - like downpours? (Thank God for homeowners insurance - it totally paid off.) We never bothered to clear the yard of all of the branches and other debris, and, today I am glad.

Because Ol' Man Wind is at it again.

We have a giant of an ancient fir tree in our back yard. When I am standing at the school bus stop, I can see it swaying menacingly, sickeningly, and I pray, PRAY that, should it decide to fall, it falls in a southerly direction. Please fall away from our house, away from the orchard, and even away from the cranky neighbors. Ben's bedroom is on the back of the house - in the direct path of this monster. If it's windy tonight, I'm making him sleep on the couch.

The roofing has yet to be repaired because apparently we were not the only ones to suffer some damage. That is putting it lightly - after the storm that blew our roof off, the President Of The United States Of America stepped up to declare us a disaster area. (He's obviously never been here or this edict would have been handed down long ago...)

I continue to type at this computer, even though the lights are flickering. We have it plugged in to a back-up battery (yes, it's THAT important...) and it's a laptop with a fully charged internal battery so, hey, why not risk electrocution from a power surge?

*I just checked, and the back-up battery is also a surge protector. I need no further encouragement.

Anyway, back to the wind. It's only good for drying laundry in the summer. That's right, you heard me, I hang my clothes on a clothes line in the summer and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

update: the winds have died down, the tree stands, and Ben is sleeping soundly in his own bed.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The Most Awesomest Homemade Valentine Ever


  • good quality card stock, cotton, or home made paper
  • paper doilies (heart shaped - optional)
  • small velvet leaves
  • paper, fabric or dried roses
  • glue stick
  • hot glue gun
  • glitter

Any craft store (even WalMart) carries the leaves and flowers - look in the "Bridal" aisle

get going:

  1. Cut or tear the paper to the size you want your card to be.
  2. Using the glue stick, glue the doily to the front of the card.
  3. Separate one of the larger, longer velvet leaves from its wire stem and, using scissors, round the stem end off - do the same with another leaf.
  4. Put the two pointy ends of the leaves together to make a heart shape, do you see it?
  5. Using the glue stick, glue these into the center of the doily.
  6. Choose three roses, cut them off of their wire stems as close to the base of the flower as you can.
  7. Using the hot glue gun, glue them in an upside-down triangle onto the leaf heart.
  8. If you like *sparkly* cards, smear a little of the glue stick onto the top surface of the doily and sprinkle on some glitter . Shake the excess glitter off.


Monday, February 12, 2007

TMBG's Haiku Challenge

For those of you not familiar with They Might Be Giants, here is why you should be. For those of you who are *fans*, this is just one more reason to love them! TAKE THE TMBG STATE CAPITOL / PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE HAIKU CHALLENGE! John and John will wait While the myspace friends will write Haiku poetry We want to invite our myspace friends to join the "They Might Be Giants Haiku Challenge" and write your comments in haiku-the wonderful traditional Japanese poetry form! This weeks topics are State Capitols and Presidential Candidates. If you are living in a foriegn country we want to especially invite you to write about the capitol city of your state or territory. Haiku structure is simple-two phrases written over three lines, with the "break" after the first or second line. There are five syllables to the first and third lines, seven in the middle line. No rhyming necessary, and please nothing obscene. If you really want to dig in to it check out the Haiku wiki This must be the place For your haiku ideas Finally to shine

Sunday, February 11, 2007

So Unsexy

I can feel so unsexy for someone so beautiful so unloved for someone so fine I can feel so boring for someone so interesting so ignorant for someone of sound mind -Alanis Morissette I need a project. Or a personal trainer. When I am involved in a project, like the Pre-Christmas Home Improvement Extravaganza!, I lose weight. It's taken 2 1/2 months, but I've managed to balloon back up to 180 lbs. 180 lbs!!! Unless I'm pregnant (which, by the way will not happen again - ever...) I refuse to cross the threshold to 181. I'm tall, 5'9'' and have broad shoulders, but still, 180?! I love to swim. Swimming is the only form of exercise that I like well enough to actually do on a regular basis. And as a military dependant I can use the really fabulous pool on base *for free*. But the round trip drive is nearly three hours, and after a swim and shower etc. well, you can do the math... I hate making excuses because there is no excuse for my current weight. If you eat sensibly, then there is no need to diet right? So we can assume that I have not been eating sensibly. If you are physically active on a regular basis, then you don't need to start a "fitness routine", right? so we can assume that I'm not currently very physically active. If I continue to make these comparisons, you can assume that we just watched "The Princess Bride"... (right.) It wasn't a McRestaurant, or the media, or society that "made me gain weight" - we don't go to McRestaurants, and nobody is forcing food into my mouth. Only I can claim resposibility for my current size. Curiously enough my current size is 12. I wore a size 12 in High School when I was about as big around as a bean pole. How is it that now, when I am 35 to 40 pounds over my desired weight I am wearing the same "size"? If you put my size 12 Dockers purchased last week next to my size 12 Jordache's from High school, you might just reach the conclusion that I have, which is that clothing companies have changed the way they size clothes in order to make us buy more of them. It's totally a snow job. If I won't buy clothes because I've gained weight and refuse to have the fat/skinny wardrobes hanging in my closet, then just lead me to believe that I am still a size 12. I really do believe that we, as a nation, are weighing in a little heavier than we should (was that delicate enough?) I also believe that back in 1980, my size 12 Dockers would have been more like a size 16. This is the year that I will try to eat more consciously: instead of just eating to fill my stomach, I'll try to eat to nourish my body. I just had my husband take a package of "Newman-O's" out to lock in his truck. Seriously, it's a problem; if there are cookies in here, I will eat them. My father and Cookie Monster and me = no self control. I really love the Alanis Morissette song referenced at the top of this post. All that insecurity - so many of us women struggle with it. And no matter how often my husband tells me how beautiful I am, or what a great body I have (is he blind?!) - I won't believe it until I look in the mirror and like what I see.