Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Mission ala TFH: "Are You Being Served?" (or "Why I Married My Husband")

I pretty much had my post done last Wednesday because I was scheduled to work Friday through Tuesday, and needed to be able to just cut-n-paste my blog to quickly post it Monday morning. Which I forgot to do. Which is why it shows the 4th as a publish date. So Wednesday night, I climbed into bed with a notebook (the old fashioned paper kind) and pen, and started in on it. Now, to give you a little history on how I ended up married to TFH - while I was initially attracted to his rugged good looks - it was his sense of humor that was the clincher (and to a lesser degree our shared love of good beer and coffee.) TFH is at his funniest when he's not entirely awake. Like when he's just waking up in the morning or, as I recently found out, when he is just drifting off to sleep. I was asking for some food-themed puns to "beef up" (SORRY! I just can't help myself) my post, when he offered "Steak Tartare, Well-Done." "I don't get it." I said. "It's a contradiction, you know, raw meat, that's well-done." he said. "You're missing the point" I said "It's not 'contradiction' like a contradiction in terms, but like, 'argumentative.'" I said. "But it's ridiculous." he said "It's not 'The Ridiculous Cafe,' its 'The Difference of Opinion Diner.'" Then I recognized the golden moment of semi-lucidity and acted on it: "So, um, what kinds of foods does 'The Ridiculous Cafe' serve, anyway?" *pause* Entrees Beef con Carne Deep Fried Sushi (as well as the afore mentioned Tartare) Vegetables 10 Eggplants, Overeasy ("that's one of our little jokes")* Wonky-Eyed Peas Celery Stalkers Beverages Wet Martini on Dry Ice Desserts Cotton-Mouth Candy Turkey Pot Pie ala Mode *TFH will award bonus points to anyone who remembers where that comes from.


alejna said...

Hee, hee, hee. I like the Ridiculous Cafe.

I have an addition for the menu:
Boneless Welsh Rabbit

(You know, I actually know someone who tried to order steak tartare well-done without realizing what was up. Or why his dinner companions were laughing at him.)

theflyingmum said...

My MIL (of whom TFH was born) actually told us we were having "breastless chicken" one night. We all knew what she meant, but got a good laugh nonetheless.

Misty said...

So cute. I can see the two of you snuggled up in bed and giggling.