Sunday, June 03, 2007


I've checked two different web sites, and we currently have no registered sex offenders living in our neighborhood. It is really easy to check, though I believe the local law enforcement has to inform people if a sex offender moves in to their neighborhood. They do not, it appears, have to tell you when one leaves your neighborhood, so it's good to periodically check. I googled "registered sex offenders in [my city]." The city law offices, as well as state law offices had lists posted for public viewing. The local site had mug shots of the level 3 offenders: those at highest risk of re-offendig. I highly recommend checking, especially if you've just moved into a new town, or neighborhood and may have missed notification. Although I am relieved that our neighborhood is (presumably) free of such a threat, it hasn't completely lifted the veil of protectiveness I feel towards Ben. This is motherhood/parenthood. For help finding information for your neighborhood, try here, here, or here.


NotSoSage said...

Yes, I'm not sure that I would feel safe simply because there were no registered sex offenders living in my 'hood. But I worry about finding a balance between hyper- and vigilance.


theflyingmum said...

That's what I worry about too. My folks did a pretty good job with the "don't talk to strangers" thing, and I do let Ben play in the yard by himself, I just periodically check on him. For now, he's content to stay up by the house, or further back in the orchard - thankfully the house was built with large picture windows on the front, and a good view of the orchard on the back.