Sunday, May 27, 2007

Festival Photos (as promised)

We slept in until 8:00 this morning. 8:00!!! Ben slept in until 8:30! Yesterday was a very, very long day...

OK, it was just CRAZY crowded at the Folklife Festival:

If you click to enlarge that photo, you might just see how far back the sea of heads goes. We put Ben in a wagon, and tried to stay together in a little clump as we shuffled our way through the throngs. Ben was a little freaked out, or maybe his 5 year old self was incapable of enjoying the Festival as the promise of the Science Center was at the fore-front of his mind for about the first 45 minutes. But after we found these, his mood was vastly improved (as was mine.) I wonder what kind of reception he gets with those? The center antenna can be extended up to three feet! On close examination, these bug glasses are made from two egg separators welded together with the handles extending back for the ear-pieces. Then two salt shaker lids were welded into the centers of the eyes. We got them from the Spoonman.

I found some pictures that I loved by an artist named Jill Mayberg, but they were beyond my intended budget, so I picked up her card, and will start stashing a little cash away to buy one some other day. I also found another artist, named Sue Coccia, that I bought some small things from two years ago. This year I ended up buying this print for a mere 15 dollars.

Then I bought three of her greeting cards and a coloring book - for me, not Ben. But I did let him look at it.

I'll admit, Folklife and the Science Center all in the same day is a bit overambitious. There is simply too much to take in

Morris dancers at the Mural Amphitheater

one of the food areas

cool shoes for sale

and "Tye-Dye Everything" - no lie. Even underwear.

My husband hates these kinds of things, so it was a real testament of his love for me, I supposed, that he wanted to come along. Mike had a good time - he appreciated getting out for a day, enjoyed the music, and who knows, he may decide to go back next year. I will be ready to do it again next near, but I may give The Floating Husband the day off from that excursion.

After Folklife, we were off to The Science Center, remember? Yeah, well, I will spare you the boring details, and jump right to the Butterflies. For a kid who is "afraid of bugs," Ben sure was into those butterflies. Mike, TFH, and I were all rewarded by serving as perches for the lovely creatures, but I didn't get any pictures of us wearing butterflies as my camera's battery died after only a couple of shots.

We didn't get back to my folks' until 6:30. Mom fed us and we hit the road around 8:30, were home by 10:00, and in bed by 11:00. Is it any wonder we slept so late? All in all, I would rate the day pretty high, with only one real low spot. Folklife Festival runs every year starting the Thursday before Memorial Day, and ends on Memorial Day. next year, I think I'll try to go on Thursday or Friday with the hopes that it will be a little less crowded.

edited to add link to Sue Coccia's coloring books


Anonymous said...

Wow. You went to all my favourite sorts of places... Love shoes, love food, and once upon a time, did have a certain fondness for tie-dyed everything.
And hey, your husband has the same name as mine!! Which isn't really such a startling coincidence, given the name, but still ! A good sign!
Ben's glasses are truly wonderful, and I would wear them myself.

NotSoSage said...

Awesome glasses! And a colouring book for you? Intriguing.

The Floating Husband. Love it. I wish I could find a clever name like that for Joe. Since Sage is the woman's herb in aboriginal culture, perhaps I should learn what the men's herb is...

Maybe some day I'll make it over to Seattle and attend with you; I love those sorts of festivals!

theflyingmum said...

Sage: you would be the perfect person to go to Folklife with! You and my sister, Kim (who could not go because her fiance had knee surgery and cannot walk much.) The coloring book is just black and white prints of her collection of "Coastal Critters." I'm sure it is intended for kids but... maybe when Ben is older and has more crayon control.
Herby names for Joe? I guess "rosemary" is right out. And TFH has informed me that it's actually the "Neutral Buoyancy" Husband. Whatever.
Cara: I enjoy wearing Ben's glasses too! (ps, not wearing them now, honest...)

theflyingmum said...

Oh, and I need to give partial credit for husband's blog moniker to Alpha Dogma. No surprise.

Mad Hatter said...

I love that Rooster card, simply love it. BTW, when I was dating the MadDad, I tie-dyed a pair of underwear for him.

Now I am having festival envy in the worst way. BTW, I love the new 30th anniversary of Star Wars themed pic.

Sara said...

sounds so fun! And WOW, I had never seen a picture of Ben before. Even with the glasses he is so handsome!!!