Monday, April 09, 2007

Real Moms...


"Real moms" keep the sad demise of their child's first pet to themselves.
Alas poor Tater #1: we, er, didn't really know you very well, but I guess that's the way you wanted it.

In happier news:

I bought an 18 count carton of eggs, thinking we'd each decorate 6.
(yes, we all enjoy dying eggs)
But one of the white eggs I bought specifically for Easter egg dying was broken.
(we eat organic eggs, which seem to only come in BROWN?)
So I tried the pace egg method on one of the brown eggs and I actually really like the results!
I used oregano, parsley and strawberry leaves this year and they left excellent relief patterns. Parsley is a definite winner.

Ben had a great time dying his eggs - dipping them in the dye for a fraction of a second before yanking it back out "DONE! NEXT..." 6 eggs in record time. I showed him how to write his name in crayon on the egg shell, and then dye over it, and he was duly impressed with the results

In the afternoon we headed over to my folks' where 35 of us cosied up for supper. It was the first time in literally years that my brother had seen a couple of our cousins who now live in the area. One has 3 children, but my brother hadn't seen her since she herself was a little girl.

Ben was so jacked up on sugar that I wasn't prepared to enjoy myself AT ALL, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I got caught up with my cousins (who I see far too rarely, despite the fact that we only live a little over an hour away) and my nephews, nieces, sisters and brother. All in all, a happy Easter.


sober briquette said...

Those are beautiful. I've never heard of that method, but I'm going to look it up.

theflyingmum said...

Hey, can anyone tell me why my sidebar content has suddenly sunk to the bottom of my blog page? I swear I haven't done anything to my template, but even if I did, I don't think I know how to fix it...

theflyingmum said...

PS, De: I've put a link on your comment page to my post with instructions for the eggs.

NotSoSage said...

Oh, shucks. Now I'm wishing that I'd dyed the brown ones. We always eat brown eggs, too, but I was worried they wouldn't look as nice. They're beautiful! I bow down to your Pace Eggy prowess!

I had decided to make the eggs on Friday and then forgot to buy enough onions, so mine didn't turn out that rich, burgundy colour that you've got. Well, I'll plan ahead next year.

Oh, and um, I'm sorry for the loss of Tater. Poor Tater.

jen said...

these are TERRIFIC pictures.

Beck said...

Those are incredibly lovely.

Mad Hatter said...

Poor Tater. At least he can now be given a proper compost burial.

As for the side bar, my guess is that the pictures you've posted are a tad wide for the screen. To fix it immediately, try editing your html to shorten the width of the pix. Or you can just wait until this post is no longer active on the main screen.

I could, however, be wrong.

Sara said...

coooooooool eggs.


RIP Tater

theflyingmum said...

Thank you all for your Tater condolences. I was lucky enough to find (him?) while Ben was otherwise occupied, and was really worried he'd walk in on me photographing the poor critter. Yes, he will be laid to rest in the compost heap, later this morning as Ben is FINALLY back to school (everybody say "YAY!")
NSS: the grocer is usually willing to let me pilfer skins from the onion bin, that way you don't end up with too many onions in the pantry. And I thought your eggs looked great! Soft and almost pastel.
Jen Beck, and Sara: Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!
MH: I will try the html edit, thanks. I imagine you are right about the picture size. I noticed after I loaded the first two that "Large" was selected, but was too lazy to cut and reload them.
As I am home alone this morning, I shall be taking on the sewing table, kitchen floor, and whatever else I have the time and energy for!:)

Misty said...

I had to call my husband and read to him about the finding of Tater's body. Thanks for the laugh. And to join the chorus: The eggs are exquisite. How did you do it?

theflyingmum said...

Misty, I'll include a link to the egg instructions in comments at your blog, thanks!