Monday, February 12, 2007

TMBG's Haiku Challenge

For those of you not familiar with They Might Be Giants, here is why you should be. For those of you who are *fans*, this is just one more reason to love them! TAKE THE TMBG STATE CAPITOL / PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE HAIKU CHALLENGE! John and John will wait While the myspace friends will write Haiku poetry We want to invite our myspace friends to join the "They Might Be Giants Haiku Challenge" and write your comments in haiku-the wonderful traditional Japanese poetry form! This weeks topics are State Capitols and Presidential Candidates. If you are living in a foriegn country we want to especially invite you to write about the capitol city of your state or territory. Haiku structure is simple-two phrases written over three lines, with the "break" after the first or second line. There are five syllables to the first and third lines, seven in the middle line. No rhyming necessary, and please nothing obscene. If you really want to dig in to it check out the Haiku wiki This must be the place For your haiku ideas Finally to shine

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