Friday, February 23, 2007

My Thinky, Linky Love Lies Bleeding

While it is always flattering to be invited to play along in a game of meme tag, it is an *honor* to be nominated for an award/meme. I thank Jill over at Not So Sage Wisdom for bestowing this honor upon me - I'm just not sure I really qualify, and I'm afaid I'd rather respectfully bow out. I mean, look at some of the nominees:

  1. BubandPie
  2. NotSoSage
  3. Beck
  4. Alpha Dogma
  5. Under the Mad Hat
  6. Under the Ponderosas

Those are some of the bloggers currently raising my IQ, and here are some of the bloggers who inspire them:

  1. A Garden of Nna Mmoy
  2. Mom – Not Otherwise Specified
  3. Toddled Dredge
  4. Cinnamon Gurl
  5. The Journey
  6. Julie
  7. DaniGirl
  8. Truth Cycles
  9. Fluttercrafts

The list goes on and on, presumably back to the originator. And while I feel honored to be considered in the same league as these folks, I'm not sure I really believe that I'm a thinking person's blogger. People may read my posts to be entertained, or to hear me whine, or to offer support, but I don't think I often "give pause." A deep pontificator I am not. At least not yet.

Besides, I do not cast my net very far into the blogosphere - I prefer to stay in the safe harbor of "momblogs." Considering that most of those I read on a regular basis are already on the list of nomines above, I am still shy of the required 5 to be tagged by me. But I do love links! I follow links like crumbs in the forest, venturing deeper and deeper - only they're cookie crumbs, and I'm gobbling them up and then I can't find my way back. I know that I have left comments on really interesting blogs that I have yet to find my way back to. So instead I will offer up some "link love" for the rest of the moms I visit and let them know that there is no requirement to pass it on... Swistle , I've only recently started reading your blog. You are funny, and honest and make me think about cleaning my house. All good things, especially the last one - it's very dusty in here.

raehan, I'm not sure how long you've been blogging, but your site leads me to believe that you know your way around a blog: all those gorgeous graphics and poignant posts. We all need a little break from blogging once in a while, though, and I understand and respect that you needed to step back for a bit. Sara, You are a very sweet, loving mom. I read your posts and I can just feel it! And Sarah, who I've just started reading in the last couple of weeks - I can tell I'll be sharing a lot more with you. ***(Her mom was a Flight Attendant and I've already pumped her for information on what I can do to make my absences easier on my family. Also her daughter is allergic to milk, as is my father, and she has posted some great dairy-free recipes.)***

Jill, again, I can't thank you enough. That you considered me, me, for the Thinking Bloggers Award blows me away. And it raises the bar for me, which is great! I will continue to read and enjoy those of you I already do visit, and now have more food for thought on my plate (Oy, enough with the food metaphors already!)

Respectfully, Becky


Swistle said...

Thanks for the love! I've been enjoying your blog, too.

Girl con Queso said...

How very cool. Congrats on the nomination. I love the links too. They're one of the most fantastic things about this medium.

theflyingmum said...

Swistle; You're welcome!
G.conC.; Thanks, I will link over to your blog - have I been there before? Any crumbs lying around?

To anyone who may visit in the next 4 days: I'm off to work - the laptop stays home :( Have a good week!

nowheymama said...

Aww, thank you! And congratulations!

Have a good trip; we'll be here when you get back!

NotSoSage said...

tfm: i missed you! i read this a couple of days ago (i'm losing track of time) but couldn't comment - at home with a fevered child.

great links! I look forward to your return.

Mad Hatter said...

Thanks for giving me even more places to travel. I am somewhat new here but I very much enjoy what you write.

BTW, I think you have one little mistake in the post. Your last link to Sarah with an "h" is coming to my profile.

theflyingmum said...

Hoh! I am stuck in Zurich another day. Zurich is expensive and I am not rich. Besides, I had plans with my mom and sister for tomorrow... crap. Plus, limited access to the computer in the hotels crew lounge.
nss - hope Mme L. is better, Ben had the flu(?) last week - yuck.
mh - yes, I did something weird with Sarah's link, when I click it, I return to my own blog. I will correct it when I get back.
nwm - I have a catalog (somewhere amid the seemingly thousands in my house) that has a children's mandala coloring book. I'll try to get a link to you when I get back. Lastly - if there are any typo's here, I apologize, the keyboard here is different: qwertz rather than qwerty, and the punctuation is totally whacked!

Sara said...

awww, thanks for mentioning me. :) I really enjoy your blog as well.

raehan said...

Thank you so much!

I will do this, too, sometime in the next few weeks. I blog in spurts, in between my busy periods. I am actually a student right, in addition to all my other duties, and have a bunch of assignments to finish, but will be back in full force.

Thank you so much for your mention and for introducing yourself to me earlier this year.

theflyingmum said...

Sara and Raehan - thanks for visiting me here! I know you are both busy and to be honest, I'm in awe of you both. I don't work a steady work week or attend school, and I find it takes me a full day to get one post up. Kudos to you both for your perserverence with such busy and full lives.
It's like a support group that will always be out there for you, isn't it? Pretty amazing stuff.