Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The Most Awesomest Homemade Valentine Ever


  • good quality card stock, cotton, or home made paper
  • paper doilies (heart shaped - optional)
  • small velvet leaves
  • paper, fabric or dried roses
  • glue stick
  • hot glue gun
  • glitter

Any craft store (even WalMart) carries the leaves and flowers - look in the "Bridal" aisle

get going:

  1. Cut or tear the paper to the size you want your card to be.
  2. Using the glue stick, glue the doily to the front of the card.
  3. Separate one of the larger, longer velvet leaves from its wire stem and, using scissors, round the stem end off - do the same with another leaf.
  4. Put the two pointy ends of the leaves together to make a heart shape, do you see it?
  5. Using the glue stick, glue these into the center of the doily.
  6. Choose three roses, cut them off of their wire stems as close to the base of the flower as you can.
  7. Using the hot glue gun, glue them in an upside-down triangle onto the leaf heart.
  8. If you like *sparkly* cards, smear a little of the glue stick onto the top surface of the doily and sprinkle on some glitter . Shake the excess glitter off.



Alpha DogMa said...

This is so pretty.
Of course I wouldn't be able to make this card.
Since having children I can only do crafts that present opportunities to apply copious amounts of glitter. Right now I've glitter on my lips - seems someone mistook my lip balm for a glue stick. Damn, and it was new too.

Beck said...

Very lovely! I do like homemade valentines - they just seem so much more heartfelt.

NotSoSage said...


I came by to comment yesterday and then got caught up in something at work and now I don't know whether I commented or not.

What's with all you amazingly crafty people out here in the blogosphere? I am shamed.

I even (yikes) realised that I'm going to have to suck up my Valentine's Day issues and start doing things like sending the little one to daycare with Valentines...which I didn't do. I'm so bad.

theflyingmum said...

alpha dogma: Glittery lips? That should land you something extra special for Valentine's Day (wink, wink - nudge, nudge...)
beck: I agree. One year (pre-child) I suggested that we make cards for each other, because you have to put your heart into it. That's when I came up with this method. His card? Very disappointing - looked more like a ransom note - all words cut out of magazines etc.
notsosage: I seem to recall a certain someone whose entire wedding was a self-created extravaganza! Homemade paper invitations?! That dress?! The wine labels?! And as for forgetting to send cards with Mme L to daycare? Don't feel bad, we remembered the cards for Ben's party - but I completely forgot to give him one from us. He didn't even notice, though, and my mom came over with a bag of goodies for him, so I was saved... THIS year...
Thank you all for stopping by,

Sara said...

Wow, I feel so guilty having the kids go to school with "Dora" valentines.

That is just adorable!!

theflyingmum said...

Sara, don't feel bad, Ben took Sponge-Bob Valentine's to school! These were made for my own enjoyment. Last year when Ben was 4, I tried to get him to make cards for the other kids at day care. They were along the lines of AlphaDogMa's - glitter EVERYWHERE. He did have fun, though...