Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006

One Hour

Is it OK that this journal is mainly, currently just for me? I've decided to dedicate one hour this morning to this blog. Ben is off to Kindergarten... I love this time of year, when it's rainy and I don't have to worry about clean hair at the bus-stop. I can just throw on a hat and be off (ok, that's not really the only reason why I love this time of year, but it is an added bonus.) This has been a rough week. I can partially attribute it to PMS, where the "P" can stand for Pre, Pending, or Post - take your pick. But as Joe would remind me, hormones don't create these emotions, they only magnify what's already there. Ben bore the brunt of my bitchiness. You'd think I'd know better than to eat the 'fun size' snickers I bought for trick or treaters; sugar does as much damage to my patience as PMS does. Is it just me, or are 'fun size' candy bars a lot less fun than they used to be - ie smaller? Also, the only trick or treater we got was our own. The snickers will have to go to work with the Mr.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


lightsaber, $14.99 costume, $18.85 getting to look like your favorite anti - hero for Halloween... ...priceless!

More (or less) on Walnuts...

Limes you say? No, I can assure you that there's walnuts in them thar green things...

A little about myself; I am sort of a "Rebel Without a Cause" - or maybe it's that I have a cause, I'm just not very rebellious about it. I'm a granola-eating tree hugger who cares deeply about this planet, global warming, pollution, etc., etc. - I'm just not so much of an activist. I want my new motto to be "think less, do more..." because I do think about these things... a lot... We recycle and compost. In fact, we only take our garbage to the dump about once a month and sometimes less frequently. It's not like we have a big steaming pile of rubbish outside the back door, we fill one or two 30 gallon trash cans, but whoa! you should see our compost heap! And now about those walnuts: you really have to start at the beginning of October when they're still in their green hulls and just beginning to split. Now they are pretty brown and slimy, and that is just too much work; first bleaching, and then scrubbing. At least I got one basket, which will probably be enough since in years past I have chucked old un-eaten walnuts of questionable age right out the window for the crows and jays.

  • If the timing is right, the nuts will slip quite cleanly out of the hulls.
  • Ideally, once they are clean, the nuts should be allowed to dry in a dehydrator set at 120* (or oven set at the lowest temp.) overnight.
  • I've put them into a basket by the wood stove to dry more and get crisp - they're still a little "bendy" right now.
  • Shelling them and toasting them on a cookie sheet in the oven works too.