Monday, October 23, 2006

Old Magazines

You think you've gotten rid of them, but actually they are just under your bed. You find two boxes of them in the afternoon while attempting to (ahem) clean out, clear out your bedroom. And the reason for this sudden need to clean (other than the rampant warren of dust bunnies populating the under-bed region) is a mouse who is also apparently populating the under-bed region. At least that is what you have concluded after you felt one crawling on your head at 5:45 this morning - which is just so incredibly heinous I can't even begin to tell you. But it is a fact of life for us, living in the country as we do, that there will be an occasional intruder - just please, not while I'm sleeping the much needed sleep of someone who has been up for the last 24 hours straight, and REALLY not on my head. This time of year, when the weather gets cold, they start moving inside, starting little mouse families, and stealing the walnuts* drying by the wood stove. Time to go cat shopping. *more on walnuts later