Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dog food for thought

Buddy entered my life on December 26th 1995, about three and a half months after K. and I got married. K. was outside and this gangly puppy wandered up, panting and wagging. He called for me to come out to see him and that was it for me. K. took him around the neighborhood - we figured that he was someone's Christmas gift who had unwittingly gotten out to wander the streets - but no one claimed him. Now, after 11 years of companionship, I've found out that he likely has canine lymphoma. After a lot of thought, a little agonizing, and some good coaching, I've decided to try some alternative therapies. We'll see how it goes, but I am actually really optimistic. At any rate, his quality of life is going to soar from here on out. I need to stay focused on the fact that he's "not dead yet..." and keep looking to his future with us. So far his lymphatic glands in the throat and interior haunches are swollen. His appetite is somewhat diminished, and therefore his excretion is too, but I am cooking the most delicious organic meals for him, actually we should eat so well! I think he likes the extra care, and after a heart-to heart with him about where he wanted to go from here he seems to be doing better. I have been advised by Joe to try antioxidants and electrolytes now, and add probiotics after we are through an eight day cycle of antibiotics prescribed by the vet. Did you ever notice that "anti"biotic is the opposite of "pro"biotic. From my understanding, probiotics promote the growth of beneficial cultures in the colon / digestive tract to help us digest food and assimilate nutrients, whereas antibiotics kill everything - good and bad. Of course the goal is to kill any virus, bacteria, what -have-you attacking the system, but actually (when everything is working as it's supposed to) our bodies are more than capable of doing this on their own. I will be updating this blog as to Buddy's progress. We love you, Budsio.

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